Ein Dankeschön vom Christo-Kindergarten


Dear  Angelika

Let me greet you in that wonderful name of our Heavenly Father. It is my honour to write a Thank you letter to you on behalf of our kindergarden. I kindly ask you to forward the letter to all the people who sponsor our kindergarden, especially parents and teachers of St. Marcus Kindergarden.

First our apology to you from our side we took some time to write a letter to you, well at the moment I am attending a 7week training for Early Childhood Development in Rehoboth, and stay 2weeks at the training and a week at the kindergarden doing practical.

This is shortly about our kindergarden: This year we started with 54 children and two teachers, we have school from Monday to Friday from 8h:00 till 12h:00 every day. Every day we gave meal once per day to the children with the help of Hoachanas Children Fund, and with this writing we want to express our gratefulness for the help to our kids, without your help we would not be able to give something to eat everyday to our children.

Thank you for your Hard work, Commitment and Support to the community of Hoachanas and especially to Christo Kindergarden in Hoachanas. We wish you all good health

and all the strength especially to your husband and family.

Your’s in Christ.

Susanna Pienaar.

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